October 2016

Megawide firms up US roadshow for airport bids

The Philippine Star – October 24, 2016

Mark Decker is quoted in today’s Philippine Star about Megawide Construction Corp.’s recent U.S. visit: “Investors are very excited about their emerging airport operating business which brings tourism and consumer themes into the investment equation along with infrastructure. Investors are attracted to the multiple growth drivers.”

Intiland Jual Saham Rp 325 M, Diborong Investor Asing

Detik Finance – October 4, 2016

This article, written in Indonesian but offered with a translated version, outlines the recent stock offering for Intiland Development (DILD.IJ). In cooperation with its local partner SucorInvest, a leading Indonesian broker who led the transaction, Decker placed shares with global investment funds in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.