Decker and Co. organizes quarterly investor visits to Southeast Asia/Asian Frontier. Recent visits include travels to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where Decker and Co introduced US investors to senior executives of top local public corporations. Decker & Co’s in depth market knowledge and its ability to leverage its partners insights have reinforced the firms position as top in the market share in the region.

Decker & Co. Places Intiland Development (DILD IJ) Shares in Secondary Offering with Global Investment Funds

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Sept 30, 2016
Decker & Co is pleased to announce the completion of a stock offering for Indonesia-based Intiland Development (DILD.IJ). In cooperation with our local partner SucorInvest, we placed shares with global investment funds in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Strong international interest in this share offering demonstrates global investors’ interest in high-quality ASEAN companies.